Harry the Healer – Harry Comes Home

harry-the-healer-harry-comes-homeThe Harry the Healer series of stories explores themes of loyalty, courage, friendship, responsibility and companionship. Great to use during a class unit of work on personal development/health.

Harry was born in the second month of the year, when the moon was nearly full. He had three sisters and two brothers and his parents were very proud of them all.

Harry’s parents were famous in the Australian Dog Kingdom. They had royal blood and came from the original family of Australian Stumpy Tail Blue Cattle Dogs. Their kind was the first truly Australian-bred dog, and their blood included the wisdom of Dingos.

Each puppy in the family was born with a special gift. Sally had very good hearing and was destined to become a guard dog. Billy could smell things from up to a kilometre away and was destined to become a police dog, and Sally had excellent eyesight and was already training to become a guide dog.

Harry however, had a special gift. His heartbeat was so strong and steady that all the other dogs came to him when they needed comfort. He was a healer. If ever his brothers or sisters were worried about something, they would cuddle up to Harry and feel better.

Harry knew that he was going to be a companion dog. Although his future family hadn’t come to the kennel to buy him yet, he didn’t worry – because he knew how to keep his heart beat slow and steady so he could remain patient.

Each night Harry’s dreams were filled green mountains to climb and a sparkling creek to swim in. He heard the laughter of children and dreamt of catching balls and chewing bones.

Finally the day came when Harry’s new family arrived to take him home. Harry’s heart beat with joy when he saw them come through the gate and he pranced about on all four paws in excitement.

Harry sniffed each member of his new human family carefully. He felt a rush of joy all the way down to his paws when he could smell the mountains and the creek on their clothes and in their hair. He could hear their hearts beating and knew they were kind people.

After a long drive, Harry finally arrived at his new home. He jumped out of the car to check out his new surroundings. A beautiful old farmhouse with verandas all around –every dog’s dream!

Suddenly Harry stopped and listened carefully. He could hear a heartbeat that wasn’t as strong as the others. It was softer and the beat wasn’t as steady. He followed the sound and saw that it belonged to a little red headed boy. All the humans around him called the boy Jack. He had pale skin but a lovely smile as he bent down to give Harry a pat.

“Hey there boy, my name’s Jack. What’s yours?”

“The breeder said his name is Harry,” said Jack’s mum.

“Little Harry is it? Well we’re gonna be best friends you and me. You just wait and see,” Jack said as he picked Harry up and took him into the house.

Harry was over joyed and licked Jack’s face all over. He had found his place and it was in Jack’s arms. Harry knew that it was Jack who needed him the most. Harry was determined to keep Jack safe and look after him.

“He’s going to sleep in my room,” said Jack as he marched off towards his bedroom.

“Alright,” said Jack’s mum. “But not on the bed. Put his dog bed in there then. You’ll have to let him out to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. He’s only a puppy you know,” she added.

“Gee mum, I’m not a baby you know. I know how to look after a puppy.”

That night Harry curled up in his bed which was at the foot of Jack’s bed. He waited until he could hear Jack’s breathing becoming nice and regular. Although Jack was asleep, Harry could still hear that strange little bump now and again in Jack’s heart, so he made a decision. Very quietly he climbed out of his little bed and jumped up onto Jack’s. Without disturbing him he curled up in the crook of Jack’s legs and listened as Jack’s heart beat began to beat more steadily.

“Ahh that’s better,” thought Harry and he drifted off to sleep, knowing he had found his place in the world.


Download this story to read to your class: harry-the-healer-harry-comes-home



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