The Singing Bird

The Singing Bird

This story is a sweet little tale to share with young singers who may be feeling a bit self-conscious about singing with the class. The story works really well if you sing the morning and evening songs within the story. Any simple tune will do – the students will love it and it is the perfect way to model the joy of spontaneous and expressive singing!  

There once was a yellow Robin who lived deep in the rainforest. She came from a family who were famous for their beautiful songs.

Every morning, just before the sun’s rays touched the earth, they all sat on the branches of their home tree and led the singing to welcome the dawn:

Oh beautiful sun

You fill the world

With warm daylight

You give us life

You give us joy

You are the source of all delight

And in the evening, as the sun sank beneath the earth, they led the singing of the ‘evening song’ to thank the sun for nourishing the earth all day:

Oh beautiful sun

You have kept us warm

And fed the trees with your light

You give us life

You give us joy

Thank you and good night

The only problem was, little Robin was too shy to sing. She felt that her voice was not as clear and pretty as the other birds in her family. After a while she became so self-conscious that every time she opened her beak to sing, nothing would come out, except a few croaks.

Robin began to feel very sad and lonely. How will I ever become a grown up bird if I can’t sing the required songs? She thought to herself. Robin realised she needed some advice about this, as the problem was not going to go away. So she went to visit the wise old owl who lived in the giant cedar tree.

“Excuse me Mr Owl, I wonder if you could help me? My name is Robin and I live in the silky oak tree, just near the bend in the river. My family lead the dawn song every morning and the evening song every afternoon, but my voice is not good enough to join them,” Robin said.

The wise old owl looked at her for a minute, then he said, “Close your eyes. Put your attention on your heart. Now repeat after me. Do, Re Mi, Fa, So La, Ti, Do.”

Robin closed her little eyes and sang each note along with the wise old owl. To her surprise her voice sounded steady and sweet.

“There is nothing wrong with your voice. The problem is you are thinking about others when you sing.”

“What do you mean?” Robin asked the wise old owl.

“Just then, when you were singing, what were you thinking about?”

“I wasn’t really thinking about anything. I was just enjoying the sound of each note.”

“Exactly! When you sing, you shouldn’t be thinking about whether it is good, or bad. Or whether it is as good as the rest of your family. You should be feeling how nice it is to sing. When we feel nice and relaxed our singing naturally becomes sweet and steady.”

“Now I want you to go home and practice this kind of singing every day. Come back and see me in one week.”

Robin did as she was told. Every morning, when it was time to sing the dawn song, she sat with her family on their branch, and instead of thinking about whether or not she sounded any good, she just paid attention to each note and how nice it felt to sing. In the evening she did the same.

After one week, her voice had transformed itself into a beautiful clear and sweet sound, but Robin hardly noticed because she was too busy enjoying herself!


Download this story to read to your class: The Singing Bird – by Sarah Parker

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